¿What is Florenet?

The software made by florists for florists Florenet. florenet is an application dedicated to the comprehensive management florist unique in the market with which you manage your flowers via Internet, with full functionality and adapted to the sector requirements.

How is the software for florists Florenet

The program is divided into three distinct parts:

  • TPV Panel: The main screen where all the daily operations made in the florist
  • Administration Panel: Screen where all options to manage florist program
  • Panel Web Administration: (Optional), where he managed and administered completely their website (Spanish / English) with numerous tools that will enhance their clients and therefore their sales flowers.

Home Screen Software for florists Florenet In software for florists florenet can management client , the list of products and prices , make ticket sales , make short sales with the gun barcodes, find a particular ticket to view, print or modify it, make invoices , invoice , fertilizer and returns , budget , have controlled their losses or losses , manage claim of its customers, deposit control and customer care , make a report of needs, display the cash journal, control order management and Delivery both made in-store, by telephone or through the website and make a closing cash and perform all the operations related to the sale of any product located in their stores (for families, subfamilies, articles).

All this can do it another software for florists , but if we add control customer management: how, where, why, what, who, how, in how often, what , how often, etc. To which we can access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from any terminal with access to Internet (tablet, mobile, portable, etc …), which allows us to streamline and optimize resources (such as deliveries, the dealer with the order which is printed the location map, go to the order screen, gives served and the customer receives a confirmation SMS delivery) you can send newsletters to our customers, using filters that interests us , we have a date reminder tool, to manage our photo gallery, you can change the appearance of the web with a click, and a large number of queries, reports, graphs and much more to discover … these themselves are differentiating factors and make this program for florists in an essential and unique tool in the market so that your business does not stop growing.