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COMPANY REGISTER Folio 70, Volume 4310, Sec. Gnal. Sheet SE-65626 Entry 1

The terms of this license agreement apply to you as an end user of software florenet. The limitations and guarantees are specified below, and when you open this package are expressly accepted by you.

The material in this package is protected by copyright laws, florenet reserves all rights regarding intellectual property.

As a user of the license to use the software , you acknowledge the express condition of this license on which florenet retains exclusive and excluding way property software . This license to use software is not original or any copy of the sale of software (transfer of ownership), this copy of the software of florenet it is provided under the following terms:

– Permitted Uses: Use the software on any compatible terminal provided it is used only in positions and authorized by the license, once and forever, users also have the license for original use software and documentation software ;

– Restriction of Copies: This software and enclosed material are protected by copyright. Is expressly forbidden to make copies of the software without prior express authorization of florenet, even one that has been modified, developed, and even merged with another software . To you he is considered legally responsible for any failure to comply with the terms of this license to use software.

– Prohibited Uses: To distribute, copy, rent, lease or grant license of software , alter, modify or adapt the software , including enter other translation, compilation, disassembly or create derivative works and even new versions of the software .

– Limited Warranty: If you find physical defects in the media that distributes the software , florenet, replace such media or documentation at no charge, provided you send the item to replace with proof of purchase without being detected on the same manipulation. While florenet, has tested and reviewed the quality of the software and documentation, performance or suitability for the management of your florist. Therefore this license to use the software florenet as supplied, and you the user assumes all risks with regard to their quality and performance. In any case florenet assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or usability of the software or documentation, even if being warned of the possibility of such damages, in particular florenet not be liable for loss, damage, misconfiguration or damage of any program or data stored or used, including repair costs of such programs or data

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