Technical Information

In recent times we have seen the number of applications and Internet portals in contrast to the decline in desktop applications that are developed. This made us stop and think about the great success of these applications and portals, their advantages and disadvantages, etc. Examples of what we discussed are: Google Docs, Gmail, Google Maps, Windows Live, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and many communities and programs that are available for online use.

The reaction was immediate: “let’s make our software to flowers is a web application instead of a desktop application.” The challenge was important, and not just technological capabilities trend but user interaction and a myriad of advantages which will be discussed below.

After a long time of hard work and effort, as it has been developed from scratch, we have achieved a result with which we are fully satisfied: Florenet, the software to florist .

Florenet is a management software designed and developed entirely for use in Web format, it can precisely find their greater power and versatility. Some of the advantages of Florenet about other applications developed for installation on a client computer or “desktop applications” are:

  • Accessibility: Florenet is accessible from any terminal in the world that has an internet access
  • No restrictions or requirements. only a web browser (100% of the operating systems have at least one)
  • Platform independent access: either from Linux, Windows, Mac, … Florenet is always available and is fully functional
  • No installation: does not have to install any software on the client computer, all you need is on the server that makes Florenet for you
  • No small computer: because the burden of processes and databases are located on a server Florenet, your computer will never run out of space or out of resources
  • Security if your computer crashes and you must reinstall the system, should not worry about Florenet when your computer working again Florenet will remain where it was, with all your data safe. Accessible only from the web browser to the path of your store and look that has never happened.
  • Backup Florenet servers perform scheduled backups and replication have hard disks so that you do not have to worry about anything
  • Robustness: it is an application developed and tested in the leading browsers in their latest versions, so you will have no problem using whatever browser you use, even if we allow ourselves to recommend Mozilla Firefox.
  • Quick has made special efforts for the application to work quickly, which is usually the weak point of working online as many data must travel from your computer to the server and vice versa. In this case thanks XHTML code optimized with all CSS styles sheets, treated images one by one and use AJAX to avoid unnecessary charges, we achieved an online application that has nothing to envy in speed to local use .
  • optimized and modular structure. Scalability has been working on an application form with a database structure designed to grow and adapt to the specific needs of each user. They are optimized SQL queries to the server to get the best speed data transmission. Have separated the conceptual structures to allow product customization for customers who require it.

In short, we believe Florenet is a comprehensive solution florist , both physical and virtual. We hope you agree with us.